Dr. McCorkle needed a guest piece for local publication. I was happy to oblige with parental ‘news you can use’  he can also post as a blog and link from his social sites.


A good pediatric dentist is a must-have when it comes to keeping your children healthy.  In addition to performing checkups during critical early years and starting good dental hygiene habits early, a pediatric dentist can help your children build positive thoughts about the dentist’s office attitudes and grow up seeing their dentist as a partner in their healthy smile and good oral health.

Pick a dentist who knows how to manage anxiety

Kids are naturally nervous about visiting a dentist the first time or two, so look for a pediatric dentist who places a high value on managing anxiety and putting your child at ease.  A good practitioner will have an anxiety management philosophy they can readily explain and will welcome your questions with confidence.

If in the future your children need braces or wisdom teeth removal or oral surgery of any kind, anxiety levels will be much lower if they have a well-established relationship with a pediatric dentist the family  knows and trusts.

Ask about post-procedure management, too.  You and your child will want to know what to expect during recovery so discomfort is minimal and full healing progresses quickly.  A good pediatric dentist will have specific guidance for you in the immediate aftermath, be available for consultation should any anxiety arise, and schedule at least one follow-up visit to assess healing.

Look for a pediatric dentist who will evaluate your child carefully, examine facial form, musculature, bite and other characteristics you might not immediately think of as being essential to good dental health. Your dentist should ask about behaviors that are detrimental to good dental heath, such as thumb sucking, and be prepared to suggest treatments.

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