My pro house painter client wants customers to understand that painting stucco is a whole ‘nuther thing.

Don’t get Stuck with Stucco You Don’t Love

Until the magical day comes when we press a button and digitally change the color of our home, we are stuck with painting.  But painting stucco is a unique challenge for homeowners and painters alike. If done correctly, it is the most affordable choice for brightening your tired or outdated exterior color.

Is it expensive?

It costs close to $40,000 to remove and replace the stucco on an average-sized home.  Painting suddenly seems like a good option, right?

You need a real pro doing the job (more on that below).  Stucco is more difficult to paint than other surfaces and requires patience and care.  Stucco also requires more paint and takes more time than a non-stucco exterior.

How much will you spend?  Every job is unique. The cost could run from a $2,000 -$3,500 to much more. Some tips on that below!

Are there other than cosmetic benefits to painting my stucco exterior?

You know those water stains that are making you crazy?  Fresh paint will not only cover those, but high-quality exterior paint is a sealant, preventing new stains from appearing and beading the rainwater right off.

Hint: Ask potential contractors what paint they intend to use. They should say elastomeric paint, which expands a bit to seal the nooks and crannies in stucco, then tightens up like Saran wrap as it dries.  It’s the go-to paint for stucco.  If they don’t say elastomeric….caveat emptor!

Stucco is a masonry product and protecting it from the weather with high quality paint extends its life.

How do I know I am getting a solid pro?

Ask around or search the web as a first step.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, make sure they:

  • Have NO PROBLEM giving you references. References are the most reliable indicator of their workmanship.
  • Ask good questions. Do they care about your job? Are they examining surfaces carefully?
  • Provide a written estimate, including the type and brand of paint.
  • List the prep work they will do, such as powerwashing and scraping.
  • Offer to cover up any portions of the exterior that are NOT being painted.
  • Offer to protect plants or other adjacencies that might be affected.
  • Ask about pets and children so they can be careful about ingress/egress.

If you do your homework, are careful with your choices and realistic about the cost, you and your neighbors will be thrilled.  A freshly-painted stucco house looks and feels brand new, and makes the whole neighborhood smile!