I love working with London-based Larry the Barber Man, writing up  his interviews around the world into popular blog posts. Here’s my blog about amazing LA trendsetter Sofie Pok.

Larry the Barber Man


When I caught up with Sofie Pok at the International Beauty Show, it was hot off the back of an incredible achievement: being named BarberCon’s “Best Female Barber of the Year.” All the more remarkable is this L.A.-based artist won the coveted prize after just seven years working exclusively with men’s hair.

Every barber has to fight to make it to the top, but as a minority within the industry, female barbers find an amplified struggle.  I’ve met many formidable women barbers, each one unique.  Sophie’s tale is a fascinating blend of heart, creativity and hard work. I am delighted to share more about this delightful person, so let’s get to know Sofie!

Sofie started as a hairdresser in Los Angeles but found the field didn’t generate the excitement and creative sparks she was seeking. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard this from both men and women barbers. I wanted to know more about what motivated her jump from one side of the hair styling industry to the other and how she  felt about the journey.

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One more from Larry. The gents at Schorem in Rotterdam are a force of nature, selling out barbering demo shows all over the world. Blogging about them was a treat.

THE SCHOREM SCUMBAGS:  We’re just simple barbers at a little shop in Rotterdam – that’s world famous

Revolutions happen quickly and indeed, it has been just six years since Rob and Leen, “The Scumbags of Rotterdam,” opened Schorem.  Their 6-chair, men-only shop was an immediate sensation. Their media-ready personalities, classic barbershop style and devotion to throwback haircuts took Europe and then the world by storm.

Today, their haircut posters are legendary, their shows pack 2500-seat theaters from Australia to Sweden, their lovingly crafted-old school products sell in the thousands and their inked, bearded, straight talking, rock and roll, no BS attitude is a barbering world ethos.

The pair sat down with me during a 30-minute break in their frantic schedule at Orlando in June, minutes before hitting the stage for another jammed performance.