After writing a powerful release, I always pitch the best interviews, good b-roll and immediate access to our always-under-pressure media friends!

The following are all related to Tumbleweed:

Former Tumbleweed client and sex trafficking survivor Leah Rodgers with Troy Hayden at a booking I arranged.

Linda Williams covers the Safe Place program.

I booked some of our volunteer kids on EVB live.

We were selected as a “12 Who Care” recipient. Anchor Vanessa Ruiz with Tumbleweed youth Sean McKenzie.

County Supervisor Steve Gallardo served lunch to our homeless youth, and I arranged for CBS5/newschannel 3 to cover it.

On Ted Simons’ ARIZONA HORIZONS. program

I was on NewsChannel 3’s Nuestra Causa program thanks to my good relationship with Chicanos por la Causa.

I booked several conversations about homeless youth on NPR/KJZZ’s local issues talk programs (here with Mark Moran).

Newschannel 3 responded to a pitch to cover the visit of homeless youth to the ASU campus.