Mila Sohn is an amazingly creative NY-based artist and cancer survivor whose positive energy blows me away! I am privileged to be writing her blog posts.


Yes, beauties, it is April and spring is here, even if we can’t quite believe it in some parts of the country. But the calendar doesn’t lie, and it’s time to talk about what a colorful scarf can do to brighten your spring hair appeal! Hair plus scarf is one of nature’s sexiest and most beautiful duets, and this freshest of seasons is the time to combine!  Scarves provide the perfect hair color complement, and draw attention to the shape of your face and to your beautiful eyes.  Once you see how much appeal you can create with a simple scarf, you may find yourself reaching for a different one each day!
There are dozens of ways to tie your hair with scarves, and I’ve picked just a few classics to get you started.  Like learning about wine, once you have the basics down, you’ll be experimenting in new directions – and loving every minute of it!

The original hair scarf look is classic and practically foolproof.  Tie the ends of the scarf in a knot that fits snugly from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. That’s it!  For a casual outdoorsy spring afternoon, go all breezy Mediterranean and tie the knot at base of a pony tail or – if you are staying indoors – place the knot over long hair for a demure look that still whispers, “Hey, it’s springtime!” There are as many variations as there are women in the world, so experiment!

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