MustFIT Announces Comfortable, Easy-to-Use Brace for Tennis Elbow Sufferers

Philadelphia  (April 17, 2017)  MustFit, one of America’s leading sports brace companies, is announcing a product today to help ease the pain of millions suffering from lateral epicondylitis, more commonly known as Tennis Elbow.   The MustFit Elbow Brace applies scientifically proven compression therapy through a lightweight, comfortable, easy- to-wear brace just two inches wide, helping to relieve pain and speed healing.

“The MustFit Elbow Brace is a superior product owing to its high-quality materials and excellent design, which provides maximum therapeutic impact and ease of wear,” said CEO Thomas Lammers of MustFit.  “We focused on creating a lightweight, easy-to-use brace that you will feel comfortable wearing all day. Our team really delivered for our customers. ”

“We also wanted a fantastic price point, and we are excited to offer the MustFit Elbow Brace through Amazon for just $14.95,” he added.

The MustFit Elbow Brace provides compressive therapy counterforce through an ergonomically-designed compression pad strapped to the forearm just below the elbow, directly above the damaged tendons and muscles that cause Tennis Elbow pain. Compression on the inflamed area redirects the pulling force that causes tendon soreness, muscle inflammation and micro-tearing typical of Tennis Elbow.

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